Scoured Clean

You gotta grow, you gotta learn by your mistakes You gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awake When you believe there’s no mountain you can climb And if you get it wrong you’ll get it right next time.                                                       ~Gerry Rafferty Life has scoured us clean. Eleven years of being on … More Scoured Clean


I love the way she moves. She sits lightly in the water, always in motion, dancing in harmony with the energy around her. She never struggles she never pushes back. She simply moves. I am talking about our 32 foot Fuji Ketch of course. Our home. We just spent a few days on her, and … More Harmony

Cooking Asian

We are becoming big fans of Vashon Island. It is less than 10 miles from our slip in Tyee Marina, but arriving here is like stepping back to a much simpler and slower time. There are docks, but we choose to anchor in 35 ft on a mud bottom with excellent holding. We dinghy in … More Cooking Asian


One of our best purchases yet is our crab pot. Kevin researched them at Fisheries Supply and came up with this completely flexible, foldable, storable pot that tucks away neatly in a little saucer-shaped zippered bag. Nice. Before the pot came he had tried catching them by hand. He did have a bit of luck here … More Crabbin’

SPEND, Spend, spend

As you can imagine, no longer having a constant income stream has made us very conscience of every penny that goes out. Things we thought nothing of going out and buying before, now require a second, even a third thought. Nearly everything has become non-discretionary (meaning we have to need it!). So far we have … More SPEND, Spend, spend

Rhythms of Boat Life

A gentle motion is almost undetectable dockside. Your sub-conscience adapts to the back and forth, up and down movements and you don’t notice it until you’re on land… Especially in the shower with your eyes closed and you swear everything is moving even though you know it should be still. Weird! These days we wake … More Rhythms of Boat Life

2 & 1/2 Hours

A week out and we were en-route back to Tacoma. We finagled a way to build in time-off so we could run a couple of errands but mostly go see our boat. Finagling isn’t always easy in trucking but after 8 years we are learning how especially now that it involves a floating home that is constantly … More 2 & 1/2 Hours

On the Road Again

So here we are, back on the road. On the road and on the boat each have their similarities and differences. Boat life is new to us, and each day is an adventure. Truck life really isn’t so much, any more. Both are mobile; we can be sailing in less than an hour, and we … More On the Road Again