How To Buy a Dingy

First, you look for a vehicle that will haul the dinghy. You REALLY look at vehicles. Then you scowl like a Pirate, because Pirates can drive mini-vans.. if they want to. Then you find a dinghy, and you test drive the dinghy. Again, like a pirate. Stow the dinghy INSIDE the mini-van. By the way, … More How To Buy a Dingy

Waiting is hard to do

Being Professional Truck Drivers means we spend enormous chunks of time away on the road. Like 4-6 weeks at a time. On vacation this month, 2 days after our offer was accepted for Wings of the Morning we drove off, leaving our new boat behind, feeling quite like parents abandoning their newborn. The lifestyle we choose … More Waiting is hard to do

History 1001

My dreams of sailing date back to 1979 when I was stationed on the USS Oklahoma City, and we traveled down to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines from our home-port in Japan. I can still picture one particular night and the soft sultry air as we passed unlit islands with home built fishing … More History 1001

Building Excitement

There is a bubble of excitement growing. I wondered how long it would take after we recuperated from moving out. Now there is very little standing between us and buying a boat and setting sail. Instead of living vicariously through the blogs of others, we will be the actors in our own play. A week … More Building Excitement