On the Road Again

So here we are, back on the road.

On the road and on the boat each have their similarities and differences. Boat life is new to us, and each day is an adventure. Truck life really isn’t so much, any more.

Both are mobile; we can be sailing in less than an hour, and we can sleep each night in a new place. The scenery is always changing on the truck as well, although we don’t get to choose where we go. The scenery is an important part of both lives. Coming through New Mexico at sunset last night was amazing, and watching the sunset color Mt Rainier will never get old.

Both are in constant motion. The truck rolls and bounces and brakes of course. Even at rest it vibrates, or moves slightly in the wind. The boat rocks in its slip, and underway, the heeling motion of a sailboat is a thing to get used to. Everything has to be securely in its place on both or it will wind up on the floor. For a good 24 hours after we came back to work, our world keeps moving in the gentle rocking motion of the boat; calling us back until even that reminder fades.

Both are machines with thousands of moving parts, each relying on the other to do its job. The truck is brand new, and the boat is much older. My awareness that I am responsible to the boat for its upkeep, maintenance and repair is much higher then with the company’s truck.

Both are home when we are there. The boat has more room inside and out, and we are much more comfortable than on the truck.

We are much more aware of the weather on the boat. We check the barometer regularly, along with the clouds, and the wind, and the tides.

Finally, and I could continue this all day, the boat is much more physical than the truck. On the truck we have to force ourselves to get out and walk and stretch. Boredom behind the wheel leads to snacking. On the boat, everything has a physical aspect to it; from going to bed in the V-berth, to using the bathroom, we are constantly stepping up, or bending over, or reaching and holding and walking… a lot! Both of us went to bed sore every night, and Sherlene wound up with enough bruises to land me in jail. There is always something to do, and we are never bored so we snack less, and eat only when our bellies remind us that it’s been awhile.

We are on our way to Atlanta Georgia today, and we already know that from there we go to Chicago, then Phoenix.

We also know that we will be back on the boat Oct 9th and we look forward to that. Looking back on what I have written, it is remarkable that not once did I think to compare our new life with our old life in Council Bluffs. Our home on 227 Marian  is gone without regret!


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