Wind Storm

Saturday high winds (35-50 mph) were forecast. We had come home to Tyee Marina Thursday evening in anticipation of company arriving for the weekend so when we learned of the storm on its way we were glad to be safely tied into our slip. Our guests arrived right during the worst of the wind in their high-profile camper … More Wind Storm

An Endangered Fish

My sister, Kathleen came in to Seattle by train and we picked her up at Bell Harbor Marina. Our first night was spent at Blake Island, a WA Marine State Park and the sunset was gorgeous. We saw raccoons, eagles, lots of bird types and in the water bait balls of small fish were being … More An Endangered Fish

Eagle Island Nature

We spent last weekend on Eagle Island, a tiny bit of land between McNeil and Anderson Islands. McNeil Island, is a state-owned island, and I call it Washington’s Alcatraz. It is supposed to be vacant, closed, shutdown; but we see activity there and Kevin’s over active mind is sure there are CIA facilities there! Near as … More Eagle Island Nature