A Better Bargain!

Wings of the Morning is an even better bargain! Old Price –  $27,500 New –  $22,500 We have other adventures calling to us and she needs new adventures herself. Come take a look, tell a friend, heck… if you or someone else is looking for an inexpensive place to live in the PNW (Seattle/Tacoma), moorage … More A Better Bargain!

Summer Memories 

By Kevin  We slipped into Tacoma tonight, and I got the job of “running errands” back to the boat. Wow.  The memories of our summer on the sound hit me with an actual physical force.  I toyed with the idea of quitting my trucking job in the morning, and just winging it through the winter.  Most … More Summer Memories 

An Amazing Summer

“…Tall and strong she slips along I sing for her a song And she leans into the wind She’s a good old boat and she’ll stay afloat Through the toughest gales and keep smilin’ When the summer ends we will rest again In the lee of Christian Island…” (Christian Island ~ Gordon Lightfoot ©1972) What an amazing … More An Amazing Summer

Cooking Asian

We are becoming big fans of Vashon Island. It is less than 10 miles from our slip in Tyee Marina, but arriving here is like stepping back to a much simpler and slower time. There are docks, but we choose to anchor in 35 ft on a mud bottom with excellent holding. We dinghy in … More Cooking Asian

Joemma State Park

We left early Monday morning for Zittel’s Marina where we topped off the fuel & water tanks, bought a few groceries and ice. Getting into this little marina is never fun but they have great well water and ice that keeps for a long time. Every time we have come here the wind is blowing right off the land which … More Joemma State Park


One of our best purchases yet is our crab pot. Kevin researched them at Fisheries Supply and came up with this completely flexible, foldable, storable pot that tucks away neatly in a little saucer-shaped zippered bag. Nice. Before the pot came he had tried catching them by hand. He did have a bit of luck here … More Crabbin’