Building Excitement

There is a bubble of excitement growing. I wondered how long it would take after we recuperated from moving out. Now there is very little standing between us and buying a boat and setting sail. Instead of living vicariously through the blogs of others, we will be the actors in our own play. A week … More Building Excitement

Searching for Boats

~ Sherlene ~ Searching for boats is a daily occurrence. We visit,, and scan the ads in the back of sailboat magazines. It’s the one thing that can melt our tensions and feed the anticipation of our coming certain adventure. In the past, we had just 1 type of boat we searched … More Searching for Boats


Breathless! It seems interminable, this waiting until June 20th, the day we close on the sale of our house. For nearly the better part of 7 years we have plotted and planned in multiple schemes just how to achieve our dreams; dreams that have been like ripe fruit at the top of a tree, just … More Breathless!!