On Food, Food Storage and Cooking

“Honey, I think I’ll make coffee-cake for breakfast.”

Eyes light up and… “I will love you forever”!

Truly, I meant it. I really wanted to make coffee-cake but every recipe from Google looked delicious and seemed difficult. I was beginning to regret my generous offer but who can resist being loved for a lifetime!

Last year I had a little 2 burner Coleman propane stove top that worked on those one pound canisters. The knobs had such little control it was easy to burn the food. So this year we switched to a Iwatani Butane stove top with just one burner, but much better control. One burner means I have to get creative about keeping things warm while cooking multiple dishes, but I’m no longer burning food.


The challenge of a single burner galley was understood, accepted and has been successful so far. I’m pretty sure it’s worthy of its own reality TV show!

Last year we also stocked a lot of fresh food which depended on refrigeration of some sort. We have a huge icebox so we bought five to six big ten pound blocks of ice which lasted about 4-6 days depending on their density. Blocks from places that make ice have a lot of air trapped in the form of bubbles and deteriorate much faster. Some marinas make their own ice by simply freezing water and they lasted the longest.

We wanted to get away from running into civilization every week to buy ice and food, so this year we decided to change it up. I’ve spent the past winter mentally shopping for our “stores”. After sitting down and ordering $500 of shelf stable foods from Rainy Day Foods I finished it off with another $500 of staples from Winco; this included beer and wine. We use the ice box as cool storage, and we have a small, very efficient twenty-seven quart, 12 volt Engel refrigerator for the very few things we must keep cold. For the record, that does not include the beer!

As we both sat down to put it all away, I asked sheepishly, “Do you think I over-did it?”. I was actually amazed and embarrassed how much food sat on the salon floor. Would we ever eat all this food over the summer?

There were freeze-dried peas, corn, cabbage and broccoli; dehydrated onions, celery, carrots and potatoes, Texurized Vegetable Protein in Taco, BBQ, sausage and Bacon flavors plus freeze-dried hamburger and sausage. I had fresh potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and cabbage plus fresh fruit. Then there were all the staples, milk powder, oatmeal, flour, brown/white sugar, rice, noodles and beans right on down to all the little stuff like salt, pepper, coffee, tea, flaxseed, yeast, oil, etc. When you look at our boat you’d have no idea we have so much food stuff packed away!

But so far I have to say… It’s been really successful. We do miss fresh foods but we find getting to a grocery store now and then takes care of those cravings. The single burner experiment is working well and as the summer progresses, I’ll add to this section of my blog for those interested.

And… The coffee cake turned out more than wonderful (even if I do say so myself!).


Next post…. how I made this delicious cake!

5 thoughts on “On Food, Food Storage and Cooking

    1. Actually this isn’t a bundt pan. I have no conventional oven either so this is my Omnia oven. I have a post on it… I’ll dig it up.


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