We are 46 days from starting our second “Summer Vacation” on Wings of the Morning in the Puget Sound, and the anticipation is building so I am reliving some of the memories of last summer. Did I ever tell you about the time… I burned up the impeller on the water pump for the engine, … More 46-Days

New Places & Faces

For several days now we’ve been hankering to get out of the marina. Just go already! We had some engine issues (which will be related in another post) that had to be dealt with before leaving for new shores. But finally yesterday morning we slipped our mooring lines from the dock and headed to sea … More New Places & Faces

SPEND, Spend, spend

As you can imagine, no longer having a constant income stream has made us very conscience of every penny that goes out. Things we thought nothing of going out and buying before, now require a second, even a third thought. Nearly everything has become non-discretionary (meaning we have to need it!). So far we have … More SPEND, Spend, spend

Tearing out the Head

Today I tore out the head. The existing head was a marine style, manual pump, flush toilet with a holding tank. There was also a tiny little sink, and at one time, facilities for a shower. We never attempted to use the toilet, but in testing it after we bought it, the flush mechanism was stiff, … More Tearing out the Head


We are not completely moved in and not entirely content on it’s presentability. But pictures are pretty forgiving and although I could have none of them are photoshopped! There is a v-berth (bed) and head (starboard side) which are both difficult to take pictures of because of the tight quarters. There is also a hanging … More Interior

Moving Day

After waiting weeks, and weeks, (and weeks), the big day was here. On Sunday we bought a Mini-van, and a Dinghy. On Monday, we got to see the boat again for the first time in a month, fall in love all over again, and hand the previous owner a check. I had some specific questions … More Moving Day

The Dance

There are so many firsts it’s hard to know where to begin so I’ll start with where I’m sitting in the grey dawn. I’m an early riser and there are lots of things that happen while we humans sleep. Like the swaying rhythm of the boat on the water; and fish feeding beyond the stern of … More The Dance