2 & 1/2 Hours

A week out and we were en-route back to Tacoma. We finagled a way to build in time-off so we could run a couple of errands but mostly go see our boat. Finagling isn’t always easy in trucking but after 8 years we are learning how especially now that it involves a floating home that is constantly on our minds.

We left from Chicago on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Tacoma late Monday morning. We took the high road, I-94 across North Dakota which was beautiful with all the fall colors. We stopped at a rest area on the west side of the state that was littered with buffalo chips, with a couple just a few feet from the rest room. How’d you like to meet a buffalo close up and personal?

two and a half hours3

Monday afternoon was ours to go play. After we ran our errands, we had exactly 2 & 1/2 hours to enjoy Wings. And best of all we were met with an entirely dry bilge! Now I can breathe a little easier. We were a bit alarmed when we arrived to find the entire fire department down at our pier! Just routine stuff… nothing burned down and sank.


3 thoughts on “2 & 1/2 Hours

  1. great site, really like to see all your pictures and read your post. your new home looks awesome and I look forward to seeing more pics and read more as you make it your own. customizing the boat to your own is fun to do and never ending. I will be glad when I have mine looking as good as yours. There are new boats and old boats yours is classic and great to look at anytime.


    1. Thank you Steve! With winter approaching we are working more towards getting it ready for the rainy PNW. The old timers here tell us this is supposed to be a mild one. We are already making plans to remodel the head and install a composting toilet. I have seen the pictures of yours and it is looking quite lovely on the outside. Is it the inside you are speaking of? The inside of ours does look pretty good. It will do nicely for a long while. A few stains on the cushions but they are in decent shape. We will haul out next spring.


  2. Great pics! I love that gallery mosaic feature. I bet that was the first mosaic with a buffalo pie and a lovely sunset together! It looks like you are on a wonderful adventure.

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