One of our best purchases yet is our crab pot. Kevin researched them at Fisheries Supply and came up with this completely flexible, foldable, storable pot that tucks away neatly in a little saucer-shaped zippered bag. Nice. Before the pot came he had tried catching them by hand. He did have a bit of luck here and came home with a couple his first try but it was not nearly as easy as just tossing out this contraption.

Last weekend at Penrose he caught a dogfish (like the one in the picture only a different one) and crab apparently like dogfish because he caught his limit of 6 Rock Crab. Such a delicious pastime!

3 thoughts on “Crabbin’

  1. Great photos! Crabbing was one of our favorite things, too! Until our folding pot got stolen. On two occasions. We now use the round bag to store our power cord; fits perfectly. Here’s to hoping we’ll find ourselves relaxing on our old dock with friends for a crab boil since we’re back in Seattle for the next few months! ~Jessie


    1. Hi Jessie! Too bad there are bad apples out there to spoil things but we’ll have fun while we can. We are heading north in a couple of weeks. Maybe we’ll see you.


  2. That’s exciting! Our crab pot only fits in our kayak because we have a huge cockpit, so we’ll definitely be getting foldables. Wohoo! Looks like you caught a delicious dinner!


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