Splashdown Blues

SHERLENE We have been out of dry dock for 3 weeks and I have yet to mention anything about our haul-out. It’s been difficult to write about. Our week on blocks went smoothly enough until the last few hours of the last day. New zincs, 3 through-holes sealed up, and 3 coats of fresh paint. … More Splashdown Blues

New Places & Faces

For several days now we’ve been hankering to get out of the marina. Just go already! We had some engine issues (which will be related in another post) that had to be dealt with before leaving for new shores. But finally yesterday morning we slipped our mooring lines from the dock and headed to sea … More New Places & Faces

Rhythms of Boat Life

A gentle motion is almost undetectable dockside. Your sub-conscience adapts to the back and forth, up and down movements and you don’t notice it until you’re on land… Especially in the shower with your eyes closed and you swear everything is moving even though you know it should be still. Weird! These days we wake … More Rhythms of Boat Life

Fresh Water

Since the day we bought our boat we have been in supply of fresh water in our tank. We didn’t know how big it was or the condition. So we finally drained the last drop Sunday night and decided to tackle that job. Kevin removed all the housing around the tank and started inspecting. Turns out … More Fresh Water

The ‘Hood

The Marina where Wings’ is moored is a working class neighborhood. Our view is of this gorgeous mountain is always surrounded by hulks. Once you leave the marina you dodge working vessels of all sorts. There are lots of sailboats and motorboats in the bay too. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for a day … More The ‘Hood