Two Days of Sailing

A couple thoughts about our boat:

What a sweet stable little boat. Thursday we went out in 12-15 knots of wind (13-18 MPH). We crashed around, heeled her over and made all kinds of new-bee mistakes, and she handled all of it with charm. She tracks like a freight train even when the wind pipes up.

Being new at this, all I put up was the Genoa and the Mizzen because of the wind. Because she is a Ketch, I have options. I rolled out the Genoa until it was about even with the mast at first, then, to combat some weather helm I raised the Mizzen. At that point we were sailing along at 3-4 knots, perfect for what I wanted to do. I am excited by the many options I have for setting my sails for comfortable sailing.

For instance: Today, there was very little wind. In the morning, there was nothing, and as the day progressed it picked up to 8-9 kt. With that, I raised all sail, and we had a nice day of 2-3 knots.

What I like is the stability, and the fact that no matter what the wind does I can use it as I please. This is important to me when I head offshore. While I won’t win any races, the stability and the sail trim options mean that I can find a sail combination that will comfortably get me where I am going.

Draw backs:
Both days out we were headed for Gig Harbor about ten miles away. The first day, (Thursday) we were just outside of our destination when we noticed we had no 12 volt system. Bad news, as that meant we had no bilge pump, no speed/depth indicator, no navigation lights, etc. So we came back to home port.That evening, I found the problem and fixed it. On Saturday, we left with very little wind, so we motored more, and we overheated.

Oddly, when I shut off the motor, and checked the engine it didn’t seem hot. I checked the impeller, the raw water strainer, and I even pulled the intake hose to see if it was clogged. It wasn’t.

Other than that, it’s little things: a missing cotter key here and there, old dock lines that need replacing, and the electrical system. The electrical system needs work. As old as she is, it is probably better than it could be, but I see a major job coming up.


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