2 & 1/2 Hours

A week out and we were en-route back to Tacoma. We finagled a way to build in time-off so we could run a couple of errands but mostly go see our boat. Finagling isn’t always easy in trucking but after 8 years we are learning how especially now that it involves a floating home that is constantly … More 2 & 1/2 Hours

On the Road Again

So here we are, back on the road. On the road and on the boat each have their similarities and differences. Boat life is new to us, and each day is an adventure. Truck life really isn’t so much, any more. Both are mobile; we can be sailing in less than an hour, and we … More On the Road Again


We are not completely moved in and not entirely content on it’s presentability. But pictures are pretty forgiving and although I could have none of them are photoshopped! There is a v-berth (bed) and head (starboard side) which are both difficult to take pictures of because of the tight quarters. There is also a hanging … More Interior

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

It wasn’t bad, but everyone prefers their own dirt. When we started we had every intention of finishing cleaning in one day! Didn’t happen. Pressed into going into town on Tuesday we left the cleaning to run the never-ending errands. Wednesday, more errands but I let Kevin go and I stayed behind to scrub the … More Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

Moving Day

After waiting weeks, and weeks, (and weeks), the big day was here. On Sunday we bought a Mini-van, and a Dinghy. On Monday, we got to see the boat again for the first time in a month, fall in love all over again, and hand the previous owner a check. I had some specific questions … More Moving Day

The Dance

There are so many firsts it’s hard to know where to begin so I’ll start with where I’m sitting in the grey dawn. I’m an early riser and there are lots of things that happen while we humans sleep. Like the swaying rhythm of the boat on the water; and fish feeding beyond the stern of … More The Dance

How To Buy a Dingy

First, you look for a vehicle that will haul the dinghy. You REALLY look at vehicles. Then you scowl like a Pirate, because Pirates can drive mini-vans.. if they want to. Then you find a dinghy, and you test drive the dinghy. Again, like a pirate. Stow the dinghy INSIDE the mini-van. By the way, … More How To Buy a Dingy

A Smooth Move

Kevin and I recently remarked how once we listed our home, everything since has conspired to launch us into this new life with remarkable ease. A week after re-listing the house with a different agent, we had 2 offers. We accepted the 2nd one and they were pre-approved for a loan and living in an apartment so didn’t have … More A Smooth Move