SPEND, Spend, spend

As you can imagine, no longer having a constant income stream has made us very conscience of every penny that goes out. Things we thought nothing of going out and buying before, now require a second, even a third thought. Nearly everything has become non-discretionary (meaning we have to need it!). So far we have been home a week and not one day has passed without spending money on something; propane, groceries, laundry, or another item we think we need for the boat. It’s a huge paradigm shift.

Yesterday the decision was made to AXE the alcohol stove. I had been making it work and still would but Kevin drew my attention to propane stove/ovens at Fisheries Supply this weekend where we originally stopped in to buy a gallon of alcohol for the stove. I had looked it up online and the price was $11.53/gallon so when the woman at the register announced it was $26+/gal, I nearly fell over! My online search had been for denatured alcohol and not Marine Fuel. The next morning, grumbling at the soot accumulation on the bottom of every pan that came off the stove-top clinched the deal. We decided to buy this small propane stove to use this summer and put off the big purchase until next year.

The head remodel progressed this week. After pricing out marine grade plywood with teak on one side, Kevin bought 5 cardboard boxes to make mockups of the remodel. After this was done he completely changed his mind about which C-Head model he would install, and which materials he would use.

Tyee Marina, where we are presently moored, is close to absolutely nothing! The nearest little grocery store is a mile away on a narrow twisty road that wouldn’t be at all bicycle friendly. They have ice inexpensively enough but everything else is priced at a premium. The clerks spoke of the store as if it were going out of business which wouldn’t at all surprise me. Luckily, we have a van so we plan our trips with more then one reason for a trip to town. The laundromat is 4.5 miles away and our grocery store is beyond that. I know once we leave for other harbors all grocery stores will become expensive but at least we won’t be driving to them!

Happy taking pictures has zero cost to develop nowadays!

4 thoughts on “SPEND, Spend, spend

  1. Wish I could have seen you guys when you were here! Did you quit quit or is this a 6 month leave of absence? Do you have a mail box that we can send you gifts of food to? Like if I get on a banana bread baking binge (aka bbbb). lol


    1. Ha! That does sound like a good binge! We do have a local mail box but after the next week we won’t necessarily get there very often as they don’t have dock access!

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