Tearing out the Head

Today I tore out the head. The existing head was a marine style, manual pump, flush toilet with a holding tank. There was also a tiny little sink, and at one time, facilities for a shower. We never attempted to use the toilet, but in testing it after we bought it, the flush mechanism was stiff, … More Tearing out the Head

Fresh Water

Since the day we bought our boat we have been in supply of fresh water in our tank. We didn’t know how big it was or the condition. So we finally drained the last drop Sunday night and decided to tackle that job. Kevin removed all the housing around the tank and started inspecting. Turns out … More Fresh Water

Home at Last!

For weeks we have been looking forward to getting back to our boat. Holidays with family in the midwest and Canada and then being on the road driving truck kept us away for the most part of October through December. January may be cold and rainy in Tacoma but we are cozy and warm on … More Home at Last!