A Broad Reach

We left Dockton Park on Maury Island, and headed home to Tyee marina yesterday to get our mail and attend to a few chores not easily done while on the water. The wind out of the north had piped up early in the morning and by 1100 it was blowing up a few whitecaps. We tossed … More A Broad Reach

Eagle Island Nature

We spent last weekend on Eagle Island, a tiny bit of land between McNeil and Anderson Islands. McNeil Island, is a state-owned island, and I call it Washington’s Alcatraz. It is supposed to be vacant, closed, shutdown; but we see activity there and Kevin’s over active mind is sure there are CIA facilities there! Near as … More Eagle Island Nature

Joemma State Park

We left early Monday morning for Zittel’s Marina where we topped off the fuel & water tanks, bought a few groceries and ice. Getting into this little marina is never fun but they have great well water and ice that keeps for a long time. Every time we have come here the wind is blowing right off the land which … More Joemma State Park


Yesterday on a hike we came across an unknown berry. Kevin first identified them as Huckleberries but a quick Google search had me scratching my head. They didn’t look like any of the pictures of huckleberries. So I started searching and searching. I really wanted these berries to be edible (since we’d already eaten a few … More Salal


One of our best purchases yet is our crab pot. Kevin researched them at Fisheries Supply and came up with this completely flexible, foldable, storable pot that tucks away neatly in a little saucer-shaped zippered bag. Nice. Before the pot came he had tried catching them by hand. He did have a bit of luck here … More Crabbin’

An Enchanting Evening

Last evening we watched the moonrise over Mt. Rainier. I kept wondering where the moon was and we were watching the mountain bathed in majestic colors when it started to kind of glow on top. I couldn’t figure out what it was when Kevin jumps and shouts… “that’s the moon!” More Pictures… We couldn’t quit … More An Enchanting Evening