Biding Time

Biding… now there’s an old word! It’s been two weeks since we sold the boat. We’ve moved on. Wings is missed but there will be another boat in our future. Right now biding is the word of the day. Just 8 or so weeks of trucking left in the foreseeable future. To make the time … More Biding Time


In trucking, nothing is ever written in stone… Ever! As Aug 21st came closer, I sent off a note to our dispatcher just asking if by chance they could plan to send us somewhere on Monday that would give us a chance at seeing the total eclipse, thinking it was probably improbable. Sometimes the planners … More Eclipsed!

Only 3 Months

The month of December we ran in excess of 24,000 miles. That is nearly the circumference of the earth. When we started back trucking for the 6 months “on”, we decided to take just 3 hometimes (breaks from trucking) and work 6 weeks on and 1 week off. I can tell… we are both tired and … More Only 3 Months

Truck Foody

Since we haven’t been to our boat we can’t really blog about any new sailing adventures, and in spite of all the PNW storms, it’s been reported by our wonderful neighbors Wings of the Morning still floats. So in the spirit of the season of eating (and for lack of other subject matter) I’m going to give an … More Truck Foody

Sobering Reminders

Finally having backed up to a dock for unloading, I have a bit of time to write. We don’t do much live loading or unloading, mostly picking up preloaded trailers and dropping them off at customers so we see this as a pleasant break in days usually spent chugging down highways. Refreshing the cruising kitty in the … More Sobering Reminders

Summer Memories 

By Kevin  We slipped into Tacoma tonight, and I got the job of “running errands” back to the boat. Wow.  The memories of our summer on the sound hit me with an actual physical force.  I toyed with the idea of quitting my trucking job in the morning, and just winging it through the winter.  Most … More Summer Memories