A Hard Turn

It’s been an emotionally challenging weekend. April 1st is normally the day we turn in our truck and begin our summer off in the Puget Sound. This year is different. We have decided to drive through the summer and take the winter off beginning in December of this year, 2017. Instead, we are sitting in a … More A Hard Turn


I love the way she moves. She sits lightly in the water, always in motion, dancing in harmony with the energy around her. She never struggles she never pushes back. She simply moves. I am talking about our 32 foot Fuji Ketch of course. Our home. We just spent a few days on her, and … More Harmony

SPEND, Spend, spend

As you can imagine, no longer having a constant income stream has made us very conscience of every penny that goes out. Things we thought nothing of going out and buying before, now require a second, even a third thought. Nearly everything has become non-discretionary (meaning we have to need it!). So far we have … More SPEND, Spend, spend

A Smooth Move

Kevin and I recently remarked how once we listed our home, everything since has conspired to launch us into this new life with remarkable ease. A week after re-listing the house with a different agent, we had 2 offers. We accepted the 2nd one and they were pre-approved for a loan and living in an apartment so didn’t have … More A Smooth Move