Scoured Clean

You gotta grow, you gotta learn by your mistakes You gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awake When you believe there’s no mountain you can climb And if you get it wrong you’ll get it right next time.                                                       ~Gerry Rafferty Life has scoured us clean. Eleven years of being on … More Scoured Clean

A Hard Turn

It’s been an emotionally challenging weekend. April 1st is normally the day we turn in our truck and begin our summer off in the Puget Sound. This year is different. We have decided to drive through the summer and take the winter off beginning in December of this year, 2017. Instead, we are sitting in a … More A Hard Turn

Promised Coffee Cake

A while back I made a promise my next post would be about making a delicious coffee-cake. It’s been awhile since then and my next several posts haven’t mentioned a thing about coffee-cake or any other kind of cake for that matter. My kitchen comes equipped with an Omnia oven that sits atop a butane stove-top (the … More Promised Coffee Cake


I love the way she moves. She sits lightly in the water, always in motion, dancing in harmony with the energy around her. She never struggles she never pushes back. She simply moves. I am talking about our 32 foot Fuji Ketch of course. Our home. We just spent a few days on her, and … More Harmony


Yesterday on a hike we came across an unknown berry. Kevin first identified them as Huckleberries but a quick Google search had me scratching my head. They didn’t look like any of the pictures of huckleberries. So I started searching and searching. I really wanted these berries to be edible (since we’d already eaten a few … More Salal

Fresh Water

Since the day we bought our boat we have been in supply of fresh water in our tank. We didn’t know how big it was or the condition. So we finally drained the last drop Sunday night and decided to tackle that job. Kevin removed all the housing around the tank and started inspecting. Turns out … More Fresh Water

Home at Last!

For weeks we have been looking forward to getting back to our boat. Holidays with family in the midwest and Canada and then being on the road driving truck kept us away for the most part of October through December. January may be cold and rainy in Tacoma but we are cozy and warm on … More Home at Last!

On the Road Again

So here we are, back on the road. On the road and on the boat each have their similarities and differences. Boat life is new to us, and each day is an adventure. Truck life really isn’t so much, any more. Both are mobile; we can be sailing in less than an hour, and we … More On the Road Again