Short & Sweet Us

We sold our house, jettisoned our belongings, left town, bought and sold a 32′ sailboat, became homeless again so we can travel around and see the world. Our career as professional team truck drivers lets us lead a fairly flexible life. Join us on our adventures and we’ll try and make it interesting for you.


3 thoughts on “Short & Sweet Us

  1. So the your have your new home. Congratulations and all the best. Wings of the morning. I like the name. did you change it this or was it named prior to your ownership.


  2. great choice, she is a fun boat. I have the same and think she is the best sailing boat I have been on. she will be an everyday learning experience. keep close eye on and maintain topside teak often you will have the time of your life and I am excited to follow. contact me if you like SteveO


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