Cooking Asian

We are becoming big fans of Vashon Island. It is less than 10 miles from our slip in Tyee Marina, but arriving here is like stepping back to a much simpler and slower time. There are docks, but we choose to anchor in 35 ft on a mud bottom with excellent holding. We dinghy in for clean hot showers, picking berries, and lots of paths through deep dark woods for hiking.

The other day while shopping at H-Mart, an Asian grocery store, Sherlene and I were talking about how easily we could switch to an all Asian diet. We both love the food & flavors, and for several reasons it is easier to store and cheaper to buy. The only thing holding us back was that neither of us had much experience with cooking it. We had on hand Kimchi, pickled ginger & some other Asian pickled vegetables plus some really good rice.

So imagine our pleasure when a chance encounter while picking berries led to meeting Kathy, a Korean heritage mom that was here with family and friends on their boat. Conversation quickly turned to cooking and Sherlene fired questions while our new friend patiently explained the finer points of cooking rice, and making pickled/fermented vegetables. Before we parted she had shared a package of her Seasoned Roasted Laver (seaweed) to eat with our Kimchi and rice.

It wasn’t very long and we were back aboard and Sherlene was cooking rice for Kimchi fried rice and simmering blackberries for jam. Mm mm good. I can see a real future in this!

2 thoughts on “Cooking Asian

  1. So great to see you two!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Will follow you on your adventures!!!!!! Hugs from your friends at JTL!!!!!!


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