October 2-8

Life on the road can be pretty mundane. This week has been no exception.

Our biggest challenge this week has been getting our mind back into the game and that was difficult, at least for me. The other difficult thing has been adjusting back to our old trucking sleep habits. I was always an early riser on the boat and Kevin likes staying up late so it was just a matter of sliding those internal body clocks of ours a bit… and learning all over again how difficult it is to sleep in a truck bouncing & leaning from side to side going down the road. We do have our tricks however! One of the most important things we do is wear ear plugs. Just blotting out the surrounding noise helps tremendously get into that deep sleep.

Our truck comes equipped with a refrigerator and we have always had a microwave but this is the first truck that has had an actual spot for it with a tie down strap. We also have our own portable refrigerator so between the 2 we are able to stock groceries and cook all our meals on the truck. One idea taken from our summer was using Taco TVP to make Taco Salad and that’s been a big hit this week. Bacon TVP goes well in eggs too so it helps cut down on our food budget by buying less meat.

Our first load took us through Chicago and the second took us clear out to Allentown, PA. At the time of this writing I’m in Montana headed to Washington State again. We cover a lot of ground as a team. Kevin drives from Noon – Midnight and I the flip side. That way we both have dark time. Winters can be hard because we spend so much of our time driving in the dark. We try to envision the scenery around us but when there’s no moon to brighten up the sky it’s pretty much up to your imagination.

So we fill the hours with music, podcasts and audiobooks on our iPod and satellite radio. Weekends are always something to look forward to because we’re never far from a good football game! Kevin likes MLB and that is a nearly everyday occurrence. Other shows we like to catch are Prairie Home Companion & Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR. One of our most recent discoveries has been the newest translation of the Bible called “The Message” by Eugene Peterson. It’s in contemporary language and very refreshing to listen too. I don’t recommend it as an only translation to listen to but it is pretty helpful in understanding some difficult passages and seeing the Bible with fresh eyes.

The week has been a good one and we are both looking forward to getting back into our routine and oddly enough “alone” time. I enjoy driving at night in a dark cab when I have time to think, pray and meditate. Somehow I need to bring that into our boat life a bit more.

Until next week… Stay safely off the bumpers of big trucks!