A Photo Explosion!

Our lifestyle does have it’s hazards, and electronics are particularly vulnerable. Last August my laptop died at my own hands. After knocking over my hot tea on the keyboard, I knew how detrimental this would be since I’ve done it before… twice! Liquid and computers just don’t get along too well. After hurriedly backing up … More A Photo Explosion!

A Hard Turn

It’s been an emotionally challenging weekend. April 1st is normally the day we turn in our truck and begin our summer off in the Puget Sound. This year is different. We have decided to drive through the summer and take the winter off beginning in December of this year, 2017. Instead, we are sitting in a … More A Hard Turn

As Time Goes By

Another post with “Time” in the title, I know… but honestly, time goes by out here quickly and yet without any daily markers that indicate which day it is. My sister was right in saying; there are no schedules to meet and because of that it’s easy to lose track of the days. The day we came … More As Time Goes By

A Wrinkle in Time

My sister, Diana flew up from San Diego where she lives in an arid burg somewhere around the 2000′ mark. She and I grew up in Oregon near the coast and she has a deep appreciation for the PNW so I knew she would enjoy our cool weather and love the life at sea. I … More A Wrinkle in Time

So Many Things….

It seems I’m about 2 weeks and 3 posts behind. It’s amazing to look back at the last location post and realize that was 18 days ago. Since East Sound’s Rosario we have been to Jones Island, Sucia, Cypress, Fidalgo and Clark Islands, some for days and at least one for over a week! At … More So Many Things….


A powerboat captain asked us about how long it would take to get from Anacortes where we are currently to Deception Pass, the channel running between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. It’s one of those passes where timing is critical unless you have a big engine with lots of power. Currents run through at ripping speeds … More Navigation

Promised Coffee Cake

A while back I made a promise my next post would be about making a delicious coffee-cake. It’s been awhile since then and my next several posts haven’t mentioned a thing about coffee-cake or any other kind of cake for that matter. My kitchen comes equipped with an Omnia oven that sits atop a butane stove-top (the … More Promised Coffee Cake