Driving and in Pursuit!

Greetings Readers!

Perhaps you follow us and you just got a notification of a new post. Perhaps you have us bookmarked and you check on us from time to time. Perhaps you followed a series of links from YachtWorld while pursuing our “Wings of the Morning”.

In any case, thank you for your interest!

We are well and truly into a summer of driving the roads of America. It has been several years since we’ve “enjoyed” the construction and the crowds that summer brings. Because of the winter snow and spring rains, much of the country is still lush and green. We hear there are fires but so far have only seen smoke and burned patches of grasslands in NV.

Bridge construction seems to be the flavor of our summer with about every 5th bridge we cross under some kind of repair. It’s comforting to see this kind of attention given to these spans but the roads are in desperately in need of repair as well, especially in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. I’m sure there are other states that would qualify for this list but these are the ones we most frequent. While trying to enjoy a good night of sleep in the back of the truck, while hanging on to keep from bouncing off the bed, you do wonder when the whole road will be addressed!

At the beginning of July, after 8 days off where we attended a family reunion and had a few other days with family afterwards, we woke to an early morning text, “our company has been sold!” This is the 2nd time we have started with a company and been sold and it really isn’t much to our liking. But since we don’t have a lot of say-so, we pretty much have to go along and it seems Interstate wasn’t making money for Saltchuk so they spun off the trucking company to Heartland Express, a publicly traded company out of Iowa, successful in the trucking business. So we will go the way of all other big trucking conglomerates and likely become just another widget in the machine.

But for all that, we have just 5 months till our next big adventure… a month in the Philippines! We are already plotting and planning. We have a few minor adventures mixed in which will help break up the monotony of 5 more months of driving!

Right now our current adventure finds us in a truck stop in humid TN rich with the aroma of summertime heat and urine only found in these truck sanctuaries! Ahhh, the delights of truck driving!



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