A Photo Explosion!

Our lifestyle does have it’s hazards, and electronics are particularly vulnerable. Last August my laptop died at my own hands. After knocking over my hot tea on the keyboard, I knew how detrimental this would be since I’ve done it before… twice! Liquid and computers just don’t get along too well. After hurriedly backing up as much as I could before it completely gave up the ghost and managed to save my photos and iTunes music. Posting any kind of photos was put on hold and I used our iPhone to post pictures which I wasn’t completely pleased with.

I really wasn’t certain I wanted to replace it so it took me a long time. But last hometime we headed to Apple and I came home with a new computer. Suddenly the urge to take pictures took hold and I had so much fun creating again!

These are some pictures taken in the past month on our trucking routes just as winter was still hanging on in some places and retreating to spring in others.


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