As Time Goes By

Another post with “Time” in the title, I know… but honestly, time goes by out here quickly and yet without any daily markers that indicate which day it is. My sister was right in saying; there are no schedules to meet and because of that it’s easy to lose track of the days.

The day we came into Bellingham I remember thinking, “Crap! Why couldn’t the weather hold out in it’s perfect pattern just one more day?” It was cold, blustery and wind indicators in Bellingham Bay were showing 20mph winds. Would we get her to the train on time?

At 0500 I finally rolled out of bed and made tea for myself and my sleepless sister. We sat around trying to be quiet because the captain was asleep (sound familiar) and didn’t seem disturbed in the least about our impending journey. But worry is what I do. Over the years I have tried to exercise this demon of worry but I have long entrenched patterns with maternal and grand-maternal worriers. Kevin does too, but apparently with him it didn’t stick… thank goodness!

We did make it into Bellingham, not only in time for the train but showers and lunch beforehand. I sent my sis on her way well fed and smelling good! After that we collapsed. One thing we have both noticed about getting older is we can push for about 5 days max and then we have to have a break. And break we did! Hung around Bellingham for 3 days. I broke out my watercolors for the first time this summer and Kevin… I was so focused on painting, I’m not sure what he did!

So Many Things-12 So Many Things-11

Our next stop was Anacortes where I had completely forgotten to pickup a delivery from the week prior at the post office. One of the lovely benefits of our United States Post Office is you can still send things by General Delivery and even Amazon packages arrive in the prescribed time limit. Once we were there we spent another 2 days hanging out at the dock, enjoying our reciprocal moorage benefits from our yacht club.

We really didn’t have any idea where to go next and I finally gave up as navigator and let the Captain decide where to head next. There were a lot of places in the San Juan’s we hadn’t been to and yet both of us were unsure of our next destination. Canada was on the menu but our transmission weighed heavily on our minds. It hasn’t worked well since arriving in the islands. We had noticed it slipping and then not going into gear for sometime and it was continually getting worse.

So we stayed nearby heading to Lopez Island to do a bit of crabbing. Spencer Spit State Park is a lovely anchorage and our first night we had a great light show with rainbows and lightening. Crabbing wasn’t as good. For every 15 females we were able to get 1 male (females must be thrown back). Our last day there however we came away with 8 big males from 80′ of water.

With a quick stopover at James Island SP to process crab and a short hike on the island we headed out for Bowman Bay, our last stop in the San Juans before going south again. James Island was pretty but the east side buoys were right next to Rosario Straight and made for a super rolly night. We left on a fresh breeze and it made for great sailing to the point where we turned into Bowman.

We arrived right at low tide and the breeze wasn’t affecting this quiet little bay so we swept around and decided on the floating dock which gave no shore access but had picnic tables and a place for Taco to jump off the boat and roam without a leash. After a couple of hours 4 people had wandered close enough for me to invite them for dinner so we shared a beautiful meal of salad, clam chowder, fresh crab in garlic and butter, biscuits with a cake for dessert. It just happened to be one of our guests birthday that day and they had planned on going to Anthony’s for dinner but I think they were happy to be pre-empted!

We had a lovely time and it was so good to spend time with people! Debra and her companion Jo were just coming back from a 3-week cruise in the Canadian Gulf Islands and were heading back to their homeport. Tyrone and Jess just happened to be sailing around Bowman in their 16′ lug-rigged skiff spending the day together for his birthday. I was admiring their pretty little boat so they came to the dock for a chat and I lured them in just like fish on a reel! 🙂 My hunger for a good chat with people was sated and I came away from that evening with a glow!  Thanks all of you for accepting my invite.

The next morning we woke to fog but as we hadn’t made plans to leave until 1100 or so it cleared for us before leaving for Port Townsend. Our transmission by this time however was really giving us fits. It refused to go into gear for a long time. After letting it run for about an hour it finally decided to cooperate and we got out of dodge while it was still of a mind.

Since we had several hours to kill before getting to the head of Admiralty Inlet we sailed on the light breeze and then when the wind died down, idled along at 1-2nm. We made Port Townsend by 7pm just in time to get in the way of the local sailing race and set up anchor and anchor alarm, had supper and retired by 9. So over worrying about this #$&*^ transmission!



5 thoughts on “As Time Goes By

  1. I was cleaning up the spam on my own blog and saw your comment. So glad I did and found your blog. While we may be on a hiatus, it’s nice to follow others. I look forward to reading more. Thanks… Monica (formally of s/v Savannah)


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