So Many Things….

It seems I’m about 2 weeks and 3 posts behind. It’s amazing to look back at the last location post and realize that was 18 days ago. Since East Sound’s Rosario we have been to Jones Island, Sucia, Cypress, Fidalgo and Clark Islands, some for days and at least one for over a week!

At Jones Island we caught mooring buoy on the south side of the island which had beautiful views and was serene and quiet except for the boat wakes from San Juan Channel. Definitely the north anchorage in the protected little harbor is the best choice for this island but we’d already been there, done that so we opted for the south. Internet and phone service here was challenging as well but we were able to hike to the western shore and find signal, which we did everyday!

There is exceptional hiking on Jones and we not only hiked around the western half but we also circumnavigated it in our kayak. The currents were tricky and very strong in some places but nothing we couldn’t make way against with both of us paddling. There were a bunch of kayakers that came in from nearby Friday Harbor and Deer Harbor. We saw a couple of deer and they’re so used to people we could just about pet them. We nearly passed one just 15 feet from the trail but Taco spotted it and raised a ruckus so it scampered off.

By the 30th we  were looking to move as far north and out of fireworks range as when we moved to Sucia Island. Last year in the South Sound the fourth of July sounded like a war zone from all sides and freaked out our little fur ball for the rest of the season. We were hoping by moving as far north as we could without going into Canada we could avoid the noise. And it worked! Fossil Harbor was still empty when we pulled in and caught a mooring buoy. We did a bit of clamming and came up with a couple Eastern Softshells, a bunch of Cockles and a handful of steamers which I turned into a really mean bowl of clam chowder. Hiking here was pretty awesome too.

After a week we were ready to move on. Cypress Island was about the halfway point and we spent an afternoon and evening in Eagle Harbor on the east side. After a bit of hiking in a shady forest, another good nights sleep, we left on the tide for Anacortes to meet up with some friends and meet my sister on an incoming bus from SeaTac Airport.

Thanks to our Yacht Club membership we have reciprocal slip privileges at various marina docks. This usually nets us a free night or two dockside with access to electricity, water, showers, laundry, internet and groceries. We’ve also discovered the benefit of general delivery at the local post office. Once everything had been filled, washed, picked up and stowed, we met my sis and headed out to show her our sailing world.





2 thoughts on “So Many Things….

  1. Sounds so inspiring and the photos are so goregous, feel like I’ve visited those places with you!

    …eo you think I still can?

    Was thinking that instead of you 2 coming up again…how about I head down while you’re still on the sea this year…I know it’s long overdue!


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