A Week without Internet

After a week of very little internet signal you’d think I’d have a lineup of posts just waiting to introduce. But no… it gave me an excuse to take a break!

We spent 3 days on Stuart Island in Reid Harbor, a nice protected inlet with beautiful blue-green water and wonderful backdrops for pictures of our cute little ship. The days were quiet and serene without the ability to internet or even take phone calls. But it was amazing how anxious it made us. We searched the remotest of shores for even 1 bar of signal but barring standing on our head in the middle of the bay, found none. It reminded us both of our desire to leave the land of “everything” and retreat to a quiet place with no access for a month but found we aren’t quite ready for this (or else we need to just do it and work through the anxiety).

Stuart Island is located on one of the outermost reaches of the San Juans close to the Canadian border. In fact, the cell phone signal we were able to get came from Vancouver Island. It has 2 main harbors, Reid and Provost, both which have mooring buoys and a linear mooring line. They also have floats available for shallower draft boats. The hiking opportunity here is wonderful with a long trek out to the Coast Guard light house which has a park preserved by the Light House Preservation Society. The walk is fairly easy with a steep descent right near the lighthouse (which means an equally steep ascent on the hike out). There is a bluff right before the descent called Lover’s Leap that has a beautiful view of Haro Straight over to the Gulf Islands and a sheer bluff that you could leap over and be assured of a quick demise if you choose. I much preferred the photo-opp myself!

On the hike we passed the school-house for the islander children where there are T-shirts and other memorabilia available for tourists in a cute wooden chest which has been expanded now into plastic totes and a traditional newspaper box. They have coloring books/crayons and suncreen packages and provide a water jug with cups as well. Their T-shirts are creative and have a lot of cute varied designs and we bought some in the past however the prices have gone up pretty steeply since then.

We moved onto Roche Harbor for our Internet fix and managed to get in and out of this little boutique-y place without spending so much as a dime! We anchored here and just spent one night. It’s a rather crowded space, one we enjoy for a short time but really love leaving too. The night we arrived there was a good crowd in the docks and anchored so we were happy to leave the next morning.

From Roche we moved on to Rosario, a little Resort in East Sound on Orcas Island. It reminds me a lot of the movie Dirty Dancing and it may have very well been a Kellerman’s in its heyday. There is a lot to recommend the place but be prepared to pay for it too. There is a mansion on the hill with exotic rooms and beautiful patio for more formal dining. Down by the marina is a Bar & Grill with really REALLY good food and a little store with anything a cruiser might want or need. There is a venue for weddings, a pool and showers as well as the marina with floats or for the cheap at heart… buoys, which is completely up our alley!

We met 3 friends here are shared good conversation, milkshakes and Kevin even shared his Fish ‘n Chips (which was probably a result of his good nature or maybe his 3rd beer).

Rosario Resort swimming pool area overlooking Cascade Bay on Orcas Island; San Juan Islands, Washington.
Rosario Resort swimming pool area overlooking Cascade Bay on Orcas Island; San Juan Islands, Washington. (picture downloaded from Google)

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