Seeing Familiar Places Through New Eyes

Our son, his wife and 11-month grandson came to visit for a couple of days. We met in Port Townsend the nearest cute place with easy access to SeaTac Airport and beautiful scenery. We crammed as much as possible in those 2 days and they fell in love with the PNW and I’m almost convinced they might move!

Mother Nature really tried to show them both her sides so Monday it rained… poured actually in the afternoon and all evening and Tuesday it was beautiful. In spite of the rain we managed a hike in Old Fort Townsend with its stunning old forest and Tuesday we hopped a ferry in PT over to Whidbey Island and drove up to Deception Pass. (For those that don’t know, passes here on the water are little narrow channels where the waters collide on a regular basis with the incoming/outgoing tides creating strong currents. The narrower the pass, the stronger the current.) Deception pass is one of those spectacular scenic places and the currents are some of the strongest in the Sound.

Seeing our grandson, independent on his feet for the first time was thrilling! And he doesn’t want anyone’s help. No hand, finger or thumb thank you! He walks around jabbering up a storm, waving his little hand sideways like a crazy Italian.

They caught a morning flight out on Wednesday which meant we needed to switch gears and get ready for our trip north to the San Juan Islands.

Our fuel level was low enough Kevin thought he might be able to drain our tank and clean any gunk out of the bottom. The spec sheet for our boat says 18-gallons under tank size. He used a hand siphon and started to pump. 11-gallons later there was still fuel in the tank, quite possibly another 5 gallons and he was out of containers and the fuel appeared clear so back in it went. When we fueled before leaving it took 21-gallons so it’s at least a 35 gallon tank.

Fuel filter changed, groceries put away, boat cleaned, mail collected, trip planning complete we spent our last night at anchor before taking off for the San Juan’s. Our anchor light decided not to work and fiddling with the plugin didn’t help. So Kevin went forward and brought down the halyard to check the bulb connection. He had just bought this bright new LED bulb and it shone like a beacon when it was on. The brightest light in the anchorage usually! Carefully he screwed off the clear  base and lightly touched the bulb. “Tink, plop” and into the water it went. Not a great way to start our night at anchor.

But after a somewhat restless night for both of us the alarm sounded at 0400 and we rolled out of bed to make hot drinks and check the weather one last time. By 0445 the anchor was up and we were on our way.

(Can you tell who was to most popular person in our group?)

3 thoughts on “Seeing Familiar Places Through New Eyes

  1. We absolutely LOVED this post. What an amazing blog you guys have. So proud to call you our parents/grandpa and grandma to Owen, of course. :)we were cracking up about the crazy Italian reference. He’s such a little ham…already such adventurer! Love you guys so much. Happy Father’s Day, Pops! P.S. Sorry again about the cell phone ridiculousness. 😬


    1. 😄 maybe we have made some new followers? It was so fun to have you here and share a little of our world. Come back… Soon!


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