Kilisut Harbor

Last week we tired of being near a town where the appeal to go ashore and part with our $$ happens all too easily so we moved. Kilisut Harbor is directly across from PT and offers a lot of protection from the winds.

Mystery Bay SP was at the back of this harbor with lots of buoys but we were the only visiting boat there besides the park host. Right off we discovered he was one of those little annoying Hitlers that we just as soon stay far away from… and we did. There wasn’t much to do there except walk somewhere else… and watch Caspian Terns.

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We did meet Will and his dog Joby who wore kilts and brought us wild asparagus one afternoon. After 3 quiet nights here we moved early in the morning to Ft Flagler SP located at the opening to this harbor.

The current here was amazingly swift. We moored on a park buoy and there was no doubt when tides changed. It was kind of like being anchored in the middle of a fast river!

The park itself has 2 campgrounds and takes up the northern portion of Marrowstone Island. Back in the late 1800 it was an Army installation complete with several Batteries housing big guns, ammunition and lots of personnel in protection of Seattle. This Fort was closed somewhere in the early 1900’s however a parallel landmass called Indian Island is still active and owned by the Navy and woe to any who might dare to wander too close!

There was a huge area along the north with clamming on the west part of the beach near Rat Island and we had good success. We came away with 66 clams. Two of them were horse clams which Kevin enjoyed straight up with a bit of soy sauce. Then the small ones were cooked on the grill and served with garlicky buttery noodles. Pretty yummy!

On our way out Sunday we came across a beach filled with resting seals. They are so fun to watch. In the water their eyes look sort of hollow like ghosts but on the beach their appear more like cute kitties or puppies!

I’d give Mystery Bay a 2 and Ft Flagler a 5 on a scale of 1-5. Neither of us were impressed with the camp host at the former. The latter had a 3 hosts but none of them came around to harass us. Guess I wasn’t surprised there weren’t any other visitors.


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