Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend is village of picturesque beauty and wind. Lots of wind. There are many charming things about it that draws us in every time we get up this way. We’ve stayed here for a week so far and it still has much to offer. From boat builders to boat sailors, sailboat races, good company, good food and all of it within walking distance.

We anchored for 5 days on a rocky bottom but even through a couple of hard blows we held our ground. The anchorage wasn’t at all crowded until Monday when a couple of boats anchored too close for comfort. Those 5 days were filled to the brim. Besides a bit of grocery shopping and picking up new kayak paddles, we also bought a shovel and came home with several big clams for a pot of chowder.

The wind nearly tried to keep us on shore once. We had gone in late afternoon on Sunday for dinner with some friends and the wind piped up before we returned. We started getting text msgs from other boats in the anchorage wondering when we were returning. When we got back to our kayak it was blowing hard but not a huge gale. We discovered our PFD (personal floatations devices) had inflated due to all the wave chop so we started out looking like courting prairie chickens! (These PFD’s use a system sort of like airbags in a vehicle only they are activated by water.)

With our new paddles, we started out for our boat, waves slapping and breaking against our bow. Then we missed our boat and had to power back against the wind. Meanwhile all the people on boats anchored nearby were watching to make sure we made it. They were all impressed! Our little Saturn inflatable kayak is a workhorse and with the new paddles we do pretty good against the wind.

Saturday and Sunday were also races for the classic wooden sail vessels in the area so all around us were beautiful boats of all kinds trying to win the regatta. I didn’t care who won but I sure enjoyed taking their pictures.

Monday we decided to pull up anchor and move to a less crowded and more comfortable anchorage. I mentioned earlier that a couple of boats anchored too close for comfort. One of those hadn’t been anchored for even 1/2 hour when the wind shifted and we started to swing into them. When they started their engine to move, their dinghy painter (line) was drawn into their prop which tried to sink their the dinghy by pulling it into their prop and bending the shaft while tearing the crap out of the dingy’s bow. Lesson… be ready to move quickly when anchoring in a crowded anchorage (and don’t try to throw the greenhorn on-board under the bus when sh** happens!). Yep I wasn’t real impressed with this guy.


5 thoughts on “Port Townsend, WA

  1. Someday I would love to go there for a set of sails from the premier loft located there! Anybody in the know can guess who I’m talking about!

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  2. Fellow travelers, what a blessing to have run into you guys today! Y’all have given me not only hope ,but have inspired me as well. I look forward to a continuing relationship. May you be granted “fair winds and following seas” stay safe and keep your passions alive. Respectfully Mark
    P.S. Give Taco a cheeseburger for me.


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