Poulsbo and Beyond

After trying to decide where to spend Memorial Day weekend with the hoards of people out on their boats for the first time since last summer, we settled on Poulsbo. We really wanted to get further north but there was a bit of a blow forecasted for the weekend so we opted for this little protected anchorage.

Poulsbo is a cute little touristy town with lots places to spend money. Saturday they had a killer farmers market with all the things we wanted… fresh fruit and veggies plus a few other things thrown in as a bonus. Kevin needed some soap and of course there were nice hunky homemade bars at boutique prices, and they smelled good.

The blow came and was quite insistent but our anchor held. There was one good-sized 45-50′ boat that broke free and was traveling through the anchorage unmanned. We had our marine radio on and heard the commotion and realized we were the next in line to be hit but several people in the vicinity jumped into their rubber dinghies and corralled the wayward ship until the captain could be located. It’s a different world out here!

Monday morning we left with the tide. We had 2 passes (channels) to get through with the tide that were quite a ways apart so we were off by 0605. The wind piped up and we had excellent sailing on our way to Port Townsend.

After 9 hours of travel and 33nm (nautical miles) we were ready to call it a day. Old Ft. Townsend State Park had 3 available moorings so we caught the one in deepest water. We really enjoy this park for its old growth forest and all the walking trails… We’ll be back on our return trip!


6 thoughts on “Poulsbo and Beyond

  1. Sounds like you’re off on a wonderful trip. Poulsbo is a charming town. I have a friend and former co-worker there and want to get back to visit and to sketch. Port Townsend is my favorite place on the coast.

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    1. The church on the hill caught my eye from the boat. I agree… lots of places on the waterfront and the main street to sketch!


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