Beginning Our 2nd Grand Adventure 

We left the Marina yesterday. It seemed a long time coming even though it was just 2 weeks from the end of our road trip. Last Wednesday when we were ready to slip the moorings, Taco got sick and this set us back a full week.

Yesterday we deemed him ready to travel and the boat was a flurry of activity getting last-minute things off we didn’t need for our trip and deciding which project items to take along. The boat was cleaned inside and out and everything stowed.  Just about time to leave we glanced at the front tire on our van and realized the slow leak we’d been babying for the last month would need fixed. Kevin flew off to remedy this issue while I went back and fix on our stickers for registration and park moorage.

In a panic, I couldn’t locate our registration stickers so this sent Kevin off on another goose chase to the DMV. Then when the tire guy looked at our tires there were 3 with treads separating so we ended up with 4 new tires by days end. 😜

After we got our tags, tires and collected mail we were finally ready to leave. It was nearly 6pm and the weekly sailboat races were beginning. We said our goodbyes and wished our friends luck and motored out with water gushing from our newly cleaned cooling system. We ran at 2500 RPM over to Quarter Master Harbor just because we could!

heat exchanger

heat exchanger-2


heat exchanger-3


heat exchanger-5heat exchanger-6



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