Seashells in our Engine

Our engine wasn’t making Kevin happy. Last year we could only run it up to 1800 RPM’s without overheating. This year we overheated sitting at the dock. A call to Beta Engine’s in East Sound led him to check the output of the heat exchanger (which wasn’t good at all) and eventually tearing into the exchanger to check the condition. It was blocked by calcium, the common denominator for seashells and the buildup in our engine cooling system.

He was going to take it to a radiator shop until they quoted home $160.00 and 2 days! A treatment of muriatic acid for $3.89, some baking soda to neutralize it for $1.50 and a wooden dowel and the exchanger was as good as new! Now we have a gusher and overheating is hopefully a thing of the past!

heat exchanger heat exchanger-2 heat exchanger-4

heat exchanger-3

heat exchanger-6 heat exchanger-7 heat exchanger-8

heat exchanger-11

It is a beautiful day, even my dog agrees!

heat exchanger-5 heat exchanger-12 heat exchanger-13 heat exchanger-14

He knows just how to get down this ramp every single time… unless he’s sick… or it’s too steep!

heat exchanger-15
Taco… walking the line!

3 thoughts on “Seashells in our Engine

  1. Hi!
    Enjoying your blog very much. I have a question about cleaning the calcified bits of your heating system. You did exactly what i might have with something calcified, but what was the wooden dowel for? Also, did you dilute the muriatic acid or use it as supplied? What percentage/strength was it?

    Sorry for the noob questions, but hey, I’m a noob!




    1. Hey we are noobs too! I used the dowel to push the calcification out of the small tubes of the radiator. The acid came from Ace Hardware and was already pre-diluted something called Acid Magic and I diluted it by 1/2 with water.


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