Getting Ready to Go

The month of April was pretty much spent visiting our family and still doing a lot of driving since 1/2 of our family is in Iowa. We had a great time cause we have a great family!

But… It is good to be back on the boat and getting ready for our summer departure. The past few days have been settling in again, sorting through all our food and dry goods and deciding what we need to keep and what needs to go. I think that is an ongoing process we’ll exercise all our lives.

Before arriving home we ordered a Mast Mate which allows Kevin to climb the mast instead of swinging around on a crazy Bosun’s Chair so Tuesday afternoon he made a mad dash to Fisheries Supply for some sail track slides dedicated to the Mast Mate so it would be quicker to pull out and up easily.

Last week our food and Amazon order came in so we scampered down and picked this up plus our crabbing endorsements and now we’re pretty well set for the summer. Laundry and a few groceries and we hoped to be off by Wednesday or Thursday of last week but Taco had other ideas.

Wednesday night he upchucked all his food and then couldn’t get comfy which we couldn’t ignore. A sleepless night and expensive trip to an all night vet we discovered he had eaten rocks. Rocks! How crazy!   We finally traced it back to the night we’d camped with friends at Black Rock Lake (a dry alkali lakebed). It’s wreaked havoc with his digestive system and now we’re feeding him baby food! At least we aren’t feeding him from a spoon!

So far so good but it’s just been 3.5 hours since he’s eaten. If he makes it past 4 hours without giving it up we’re golden! In the meantime our neighbors on Devine Intervention have been so kind and gracious feeding and loving our little sick puppy! Love neighbors!

Mother’s Day Mimosa’s!
Resting Seals
Ultra Low Tide!
Taco’s Demise
Climbing the Mast



Top of the Mast!



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go

  1. This is so cool! I will be following your blog so post as frequently as you can. It so neat to see a former classmate grabbing life by the horns. Explore your hearts out, it will be fun to journey along even though not physically there.
    Alan Larkin


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