Hometime Before Our Last 6 Weeks of Trucking 

I whined, I hinted in every way imaginable to our fleet manager last Monday, we would be ok with arriving home early for this last hometime before we quit for our 6 months off. But we continued to run all week getting home a day late.

And what a week! Given erroneous directions from a customer landed our big humongous truck in a residential area which we had to back out of.

Prior to heading south to our customer LAX (they don’t tell you about this in driving school!) our truck decided not to turn off even with the key out of the ignition and not even Kenworth knew what it was!  Eventually a nighttime road call guy at our company had an answer and thankfully it worked!

We ran into unexpected heavy snow so thick it piled up 2-3 inches an hour, got stuck in a traffic jam on a 2-lane hwy blocked by a jack-knifed rig, followed by a flat tire from the chains we put on to get out of the snow.
Oh yeah… Not a week we hope to repeat any time soon.

Now we’re home, snug in our boat. Sun is shining and all is restored after 10-hours of sleep and blue skies.



2 thoughts on “Hometime Before Our Last 6 Weeks of Trucking 

  1. I thought about you both when I heard about the awful weather, awful accidents and all. Glad you are OK and it was just delays. Yeah, LAX area is a nasty place to drive. Can hardly imagine it in a rig the size of yours! The sun today was gorgeous.


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