Only 3 Months

The month of December we ran in excess of 24,000 miles. That is nearly the circumference of the earth. When we started back trucking for the 6 months “on”, we decided to take just 3 hometimes (breaks from trucking) and work 6 weeks on and 1 week off. I can tell… we are both tired and ready for time off. Winter has broken us early this year.

We’ve already had to chain at least 4-5 times and of past experience tells us the snowiest months are still to come. WY’s I-80 was closed for several days due to blizzard conditions. Currently we are sitting in one of our yards up north, surrounded by piles of snow and ice on the ground so thick our tractor breaks traction just trying to move forward or backwards.

But, our sustaining thought these days (and one Kevin has to keep reminding me), “only 3 more months”. YES! 12 weeks and 2 of those will be spent off the truck!  We have already started planing the year ahead and it’s looking pretty exciting! Lists of things to do and things we need. Changes are coming to Wings of the Morning and this will sustain us and keep our thoughts busy through the next 3 grueling winter months.




3 thoughts on “Only 3 Months

  1. Today I was thinking of you two….thinking that you were already 1/2 way thru your trucking year. And, then I pulled up your blog…and here we are, thinking the same! 🙂 BE CAREFUL! Love you, Sis

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