Truck Foody

Since we haven’t been to our boat we can’t really blog about any new sailing adventures, and in spite of all the PNW storms, it’s been reported by our wonderful neighbors Wings of the Morning still floats. So in the spirit of the season of eating (and for lack of other subject matter) I’m going to give an account of how we eat on our truck. It’s always a topic of conversation when people discover our chosen career.

It didn’t take long at all for us to discover truck stop food would be a crappy way to eat and would add-on the pounds so we chose to fix our meals on the truck. Our first 6 months we ate a lot of sandwiches & cereal. In the summer months Kevin had this funny (I thought so anyway) idea of cooking on the truck manifold. So we cooked hamburger formed into a meatloaf and corn on the cob and while it wasn’t perfect, we were enchanted! We had a way to make a hot meal.

RP Portable Stove

Eventually we advanced to a 12v Portable Stove which looks a lot like a toolbox. The theory was you plugged it into a 12v plugin, stuff it full of meat and veggies and you’d have a nice hot meal in a few hours. And it did fine for a few weeks until it burned out the element but it was cheap and messy so we moved to our next idea… the crock pot. This worked too well.  Crock pot puts off a lot of heat and delicious smell and it would drive the person trying to sleep crazy!

So why were we avoiding the obvious? You know the law of something has to be done before you can do something else? In this situation we had to have access to more power than our little $39 inverter used for the crock pot. We had to buy and install a $250 inverter to run a microwave AND buy a microwave too! We were still relatively broke trying to pay off our schooling and other bills, so money was tight. We finally bit the bullet and upgraded our culinary appliances. Now we had a microwave, a coffeepot (which we still use) and as a bonus a George Foreman grill. We discovered the grill was always messy to clean up so we tend to use just the microwave nowadays.

Breakfast is either eggs or cereal and no simple egg for us! Tossed into a bowl with a combination of mushrooms, onions, peppers and/or tomatoes scrambled up with an egg, out of the oven comes a fluffy delicious smelling egg patty which is placed on a tortilla spread with cream cheese, slices of avocado and sprinkled with parmesan and that’s breakfast! Yummy!

Breakfast Tortilla
Breakfast Tortilla

For lunch it’s often still something quick but dinner… now that’s another yummy undertaking.

We now have 2 well-stocked fridge’s stuffed with salad makings, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, pickles and a small freezer section where we keep packages of fish & hamburgers. I make gourmet chili with canned chili beans, Rotel’s, rice and a bit of cream cheese or cottage cheese with onions and chips on top. Or we have fish taco’s from Gorton’s fish patty’s or hamburgers and nearly every dinner is accompanied by a salad. Goo-ood stuff!

And no slouching on dessert! I usually have a square of Lindt chocolate, a fig newton or a couple of Nilla Wafers and Kevin likes his chocolate peanut clusters. Oh, I nearly forgot! We have snacks too. Fruit of whatever is in season, popcorn & chips… all extremely healthy of course!

We actually do eat fairly healthy. We have had to. It’s too easy to eat your way to fat in the this job. In the past year and a half I have lost 56 lbs while Kevin lost 25 lbs.

If you have any easy microwave ideas we might try in our tiny truck kitchen, leave a comment! We’ll give it a whirl if we can.


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