Happy Thanksgiving!

This time out has been a long stretch but we have worked it out where we’ll take 3 home-times before next summer. This is the first… 5 glorious days with our friends & family over food, football & fun times! From the time we started out October 2nd, we’ve been back to our boat twice for 24 hours each time. All is well. Our high water alarm texted us just once this past week because the marina lost power during that violent windstorm that swept the PNW.

We’ve finally encountered our first snow two days ago in Montana for about a 5-hour stretch. I’m sort of dreading this winter since the storms seem to be dumping a lot of snow early. I’ve learned in this industry to take it one day at a time if not one hour at a time. Everything is subject to change!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Wishing you all a safe and beautiful holiday where ever you are.

Kevin & Sherlene
Wings of the Morning


Fall came to our marina in a beautiful way!

The I-10 east-bound rest area overlooking Las Cruces, NM has this giant road-runner made of tennis gear from near as I can tell. NM has some lovely rest stops where they provide shelters and overnight camping and these big loop roads that make for a wonderful place to walk.


Leaving Seattle, WA yesterday the sun dawned on a frosty, foggy world and it was gorgeous!

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