Hometime & Sneak Peaks

In the trucking industry it’s fairly routine for truckers to get 1 day off for every week out. That means we will run until Thanksgiving and accrue about 7-8 days. That’s a long time out on the road but then there’s home-time!

Requesting home-time means your fleet manager has until midnight the day prior to your requested date to get you home. In our entire 9 years of trucking there has been only 2 times we didn’t get home at the time we wanted. That’s pretty amazing. But as a team we are a pretty mobile and can cover a whole lotta ground in a day; often getting as many as 1200 miles under our wheels in a 24-hour period. That makes getting home on time a lot more feasible then a solo driver.

And then there are the Sneak Peaks. My brother just recently turned truck driver, texted me one morning saying he had lunch with his sweetheart. Ahhh, precious stolen moments with our loved ones.

Out of hours a couple of weekends back, we arranged to *reset our logbooks in our hometown and got to see our family! We take those advantages every chance we get. Trucking companies pretty much own you while you’re out running freight in their trucks, but every now and again we can break free for a few hours of freedom!

In fact, right at the moment I’m writing this we are taking our weekly reset at the boat where we spent it eating Thai food in the cockpit with a glass of wine and an evening on the water with surrounded by our boating friends here on the dock.

It’s so nice to be able to check on the boat and make sure everything is in order and dry inside! The rainy season has just begun here and there is a 5-6 day storm ahead with lots of rain in the forecast.

*A reset consists of a driver being off-duty for 34 consecutive hours. This gives us a fresh 70 hours in which to work (specifically drive) again.


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