Summer Memories 

By Kevin 

We slipped into Tacoma tonight, and I got the job of “running errands” back to the boat. Wow. 

The memories of our summer on the sound hit me with an actual physical force. 

I toyed with the idea of quitting my trucking job in the morning, and just winging it through the winter. 

Most forceful of all were memories of the people we met. Amazing. 

Income, or station in life didn’t matter. Politics, and theology didn’t matter. What mattered was friendship, based on a lifestyle, that was based on freedom. Freedom to come and go, as you pleased, when you pleased. Freedom to be the real you, whomever you are. (you are awesome) Freedom to simply exist, without all the trappings of of our culture.  

Looking through the cards of all the people we met I yearn to continue the lessons in life they portray. 

But I won’t quit my job. It’s one of the lessons those folks taught me. Do what you have to so you can do what you want. 

What I have to do now, is go meet some more people, different people. People that may need me more than I need them. People that need a dream. They’re everywhere. 

What’s your dream?

sunrise this morning

4 thoughts on “Summer Memories 

  1. We met so briefly in Gig Harbor and I’ve been following your wonderful experiences since. I think your approach is genius… working part of the year and sailing the other part. I admire your ability to live in such small spaces.

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