An Amazing Summer

“…Tall and strong she slips along
I sing for her a song
And she leans into the wind
She’s a good old boat and she’ll stay afloat
Through the toughest gales and keep smilin’
When the summer ends we will rest again
In the lee of Christian Island…”

(Christian Island ~ Gordon Lightfoot ©1972)

What an amazing summer!

When we sold our house and bought WINGS OF THE MORNING last year, we worked all winter hoping against hope that our summer of sailing would be a time of relaxing, adventure, and discovery.

Looking back now after our time on the Puget Sound, we didn’t have any idea how blessed we would be.

From the moment we walked away from our driving jobs in April we felt like we were released into a world where the sun shone a little brighter, and even the rain was an event to be celebrated.

We traveled; twice, back to see family and friends, and found out that our relationships bloomed when we could stay until it was time to go instead of being tied to a schedule around work. Our time spent with kids and grandkids was worth what ever we had to do to make it possible.

We made friends. The world really is an amazing place when you poke your nose out into it and meet people you would normally never meet. For all the beauty of the PNW, it becomes simply the backdrop to the colorful characters that make this area the treasure that it is.

Speaking of beauty, we lived for six months as a part of nature, surrounded by the wind and waves and everything that flies and swims in it. From dolphins to eagles, we were never quite sure what we might see next. At one point we could see Mt. Rainier, Mt Baker, the Cascades, and the Olympics all while sailing through the clear blue waters of the Salish Sea.

Our boat became our home and then it became our haven. We pulled her out of the water this spring for maintenance, and once she splashed again, she did everything we asked her to do with all the grace and dignity of her kind. Trepidation on our part was met with playfulness on her part until our trust in her was complete. WINGS OF THE MORNING is all that we could ask, and more than we know.

It is time now to go back to work. The summer is a sequence of happy memories for now, and with the smell of fall in the air we are sealing up a few water leaks we found, cleaning, sorting,  and winding down. Through the endless bliss of summer, we’ve made every attempt to keep from demonizing this moment, and surprisingly, we are taking it well. We have crafted our lifestyle to suit us, and it seems that after a summer of discovery here on the Sound, we are ready for a change of pace. It is time now to restock the bank account and plan for next summer.

Stay tuned!

Here is a synopsis of our summer in pictures and captions…


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