Wind Storm

Saturday high winds (35-50 mph) were forecast. We had come home to Tyee Marina Thursday evening in anticipation of company arriving for the weekend so when we learned of the storm on its way we were glad to be safely tied into our slip. Our guests arrived right during the worst of the wind in their high-profile camper and they were happy to be parked!

A neighboring sailboat across the way from us left Friday morning for Blake Island with 7 guys, several of whom had never sailed. Saturday they reefed in and attempted to make it back to Tyee but ended up with a broken shroud and shredded headsail. They hunkered down in Des Moines Marina and were in good spirits when they came back Sunday morning. We were happy to see them!

I took a few pictures during the storm but the lens just can’t capture the violence of the wind. It was pretty amazing and wild! At the height of the storm in East Passage around the corner from us they had 65 mph gusts with 40-45 mph sustained winds!

My shadow… hair flying!
Not the vehicle you want to be driving through a wind storm!

IMG_0647 IMG_0642 IMG_0639 IMG_0632


4 thoughts on “Wind Storm

  1. Those were definitely intense winds! It was my husband’s only day to test out a kayak he’s thinking of getting so we went out on Lake Sammamish. Thankfully by then the wind had died down some (and being on a lake is obviously a little better).
    Those are some pretty good wave pics and I’m glad everyone stayed safe 🙂


    1. Thanks! Glad you guys were safe. How was the test?

      It was amazing at how hight the waves were in Commencement Bay that day. I have never seen them like that. The water was whipped into a froth.


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