In April, when we first started our 6 months of cruising we had every intention of going places. Neah Bay, Whidbey and San Juan Islands were all on our list as well as the South Sound. With 2 months left and we hadn’t been any further than Blake Island, it was time to push north even a little. We made for Port Townsend from Poulsbo in a bit under 2 days but now it can be said we made it north.

Our first night anchored out south of the big WA State ferry landing was a bit rough. Having few experiences on our anchor in winds, the gusts up to 30-mph left us restless and sleep deprived, worried it wouldn’t hold on the rocky bottom. But it did and the purchase it had on the bottom was incredible! Not having a windlass, Kevin pulls up the anchor by hand and it took some muscles to pop it free.

We dinghy’d to shore to see the shipyards and get a few supplies. On the return trip I had the brilliant idea to see if we could possess a slip in the marina for a night or two while we were there. We joined a yacht club specifically for the reciprocal moorage and luckily for us there was 1 slip left and we got it!

Anchored out in Pt. Townsend, WA.

The sea had a split personality
The wind blew & blew & blew… it never stopped!


IMG_0496 IMG_0499

Our boat would fit on the foredeck of this one! The prop was nearly 4 foot across.

IMG_0492 IMG_0493

This boat was in dry dock getting an overhaul… extensive overhaul!


Good to have a back up business for the slow days!
Love these salty looking boats.


We spend the next 2 nights in the marina in blessedly calm water. Marinas are interesting places and by the time we left we’d had visitors plus met a half-dozen people who stopped to chat. Our slip was located conveniently on the main strip so it’s easy for people to stop and talk. Kevin had a chance to buy a few boat parts and replace a few really old screws on our rigging. I belong to a FB group called Women Who Sail and one of the gals from the group came down and met us a couple of times and took me to the grocery store for some necessities (coffee). I’ve found this group to be such a delightful place. Thank you Corine!

After grocery shopping, laundry, ice replenishment, filling our water tank and charging our batteries it was time to head out. Right before we left we discovered a new way of processing crab, so no more cooking them whole. We also ended up with a nice batch of crab pot bait from the guy that showed us.

At Boat Haven Marina

Some more of my drawings


7 thoughts on “North

  1. Where Officer and Gentleman was filmed, right? Port Townsend???? We stayed there on vacation one year!
    I am loving reading your blog!!!! And I laughed when you needed supplies….like COFFEE……:) Keep on having fun!!!!.


    1. Wow! I had heard of this but didn’t draw the connection when I saw the boat. That place is lovely for boat lovers! There are so many to look at.


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