Bremerton Fountain Park & Ferry Rides

Sometimes “best things” come to you unexpectedly. We had spent the afternoon touring the Turner Joy and we were tired! The Carlisle II, a foot ferry, brought us over to Bremerton from Port Orchard so we had spent a lot of time on our feet. Harborside Fountain Park, right next to the ferry docks offered a place to relax while we waited for our return ride.

The five fountains are synchronized, but I can’t really describe how. The park was beautiful and we caught it as the sun was going down which cast some pretty cool shadows. The park is situated right next to the big Seattle ferry terminal which was fun watching it come and go. The day was warm and people young and old alike were playing and cooling off in the fountains. Fun place!


3 thoughts on “Bremerton Fountain Park & Ferry Rides

  1. Brings back some nice memories Sherlene, Jessi and I lived there in Port Orchard for almost two years and I took the PO ferry across to Bremerton Naval Shipyard every morning. The kids loved to go over to the Cold Stone Ice Cream place and a place called Amy’s on the PO side. Thanks for the photo tour. Ryann and Elena used to play in those fountains as well. Arlen


    1. We really loved PO and Bremerton and actually have a lot more pictures from there. We toured the TJ Destroyer and I also have a lot of pictures of the fleet there right now. While we were there we saw a sub come in which was pretty exciting!


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