Trauma, Civilization and New Friends

Our previous post on “A Broad Reach” bypassed a whole bunch of wonderful days spent at some really cool places, so here’s a catch up.

Saturday, July 11th, we were still moored at Eagle Island and Kevin had taken Taco to shore for a run. On the return trip, our independent little dog jumped into the dinghy, caught his dew-claw and all but ripped it off, leaving it sticking out sideways. It bled a little and we both looked in horror wondering what to do. We wrapped it loosely in strips from an old t-shirt, gave him a baby aspirin and we all went to bed and tried to sleep.

Sunday, we figured a trip to the vet would take us back to Tyee Marina but looking it over the next morning, it became clear a quick tug would remove the offense, so after 5 minutes of courage-building, a 2-second tug, the claw was off and he hasn’t complained about it since!

After this trauma we hemmed and hawed nearly talking ourselves out of leaving on the evening tide to zip up through the Tacoma Narrows but we finally budged out of the pristine waters of Eagle Island, leaving behind the excellent crab fishing grounds we had found.

Making our way through the swirling tidal currents in the Narrows we landed at Gig Harbor around 6pm. After tying off at the public dock, where we were fortunate to find space, we boogied over to the Tides Tavern and let someone else cook for a change and I still can’t believe I didn’t order their clam chowder! What an oversight.

For 3 delightful days we lolly-gagged around the village enjoying civilization again. One of the best parts of mooring at the public dock is all the people who stop to talk. Boats are very much on display and folks come down to see who and what is there. I finally had some cards made up so we could give them to the people we meet.

One heart-warming thing we have discovered is people love our boat. Even children! Once a little tyke about 4-5 walking past, saw Wings and exclaimed to his mom, “that’s my boat!”. After a bit of conversation we told him we’d take good care of her until he was old enough.

Shopping is always fun in Gig Harbor and we went to Ship to Shore, a local (dog-friendly) marine store where Kevin picked up some clear plumbing hose. The village has some really cool shops that cater especially to the female tastes and I found a cute little number for our son’s upcoming wedding. A visit to the Heritage Distillery added a bottle of really delicious spirits to our stash that taste just like apple pie! A trolley ride 2 miles up to the shopping center restocked our icebox with a few much-needed groceries and a couple steaks for dinner!

The public dock has a 48-hour limit that we pushed by an extra few hours so we could take in the free Summer Sounds concert at the head of the dock on Tuesday evening. When I awoke Tuesday morning lawn chairs were already appearing in front of the stage and by the afternoon it was packed out. Pretty soon there were boats, kayakers and SUP’s taking up all available water space next to the park.

One of the attractions during the summer months is the Skansie Brother’s Netshed which opens during the concerts and again on Thursdays during the Farmers Market hosted on the same lawn and again on the weekend for a short time.

We had a blast hanging out, listening to the sounds of old and new country rock by a PNW band. At the netshed I got Kevin the net shuttle he’s been wanting and a volunteer showed him how to wind the shuttle and mend nets while I poked around at all the interesting clutter taking pictures.


We met with a couple other full-time cruisers that were also there at the dock and swapped lies for a bit before we shoved off  Wednesday morning and headed to Quartermaster Harbor. We’ve discovered 3 days is about our limit for staying anywhere!






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