Joemma State Park

We left early Monday morning for Zittel’s Marina where we topped off the fuel & water tanks, bought a few groceries and ice. Getting into this little marina is never fun but they have great well water and ice that keeps for a long time. Every time we have come here the wind is blowing right off the land which pushes us away from the dock. The nice thing is, it keeps you from crashing into the dock but it does make things a bit challenging for the line-handler.

The wind was up so we set our sails for Joemma State Park. Every mooring buoy was available when we arrived so we took our pick of the one nearest the dock. It was a good thing it was close because the wind that night was blowing hard out of the east making the water choppy and difficult for rowing our little dinghy, but we managed to get to shore without getting too wet.

While we were there we hiked on beautiful trails, met a few really great families out camping with their kids and walked the long sweeping beaches. The water was crystal clear but full of jelly’s so we didn’t do a lot of swimming. The weather cooled a little and the skies filled with smoke which gave us incredible sunsets.

One family we met was there with their 3 boys. The middle boy’s 7th birthday wish was to go camping for 7 days so there they were in rustic Joemma having a blast fishing, crabbing and jumping off the dock. Their youngest (4 or 5) was quite fearless of the crabs. He pulled up the pots and threw back the little ones all on his own. He has more guts than I do!

One thought on “Joemma State Park

  1. Thanks for the guided tours of your new kingdom. The pictures and narrative make it almost like being there and reminds me of the summers I spent as a guide for Exodus Whitewater Adventures. Although 30 river miles a day and cooking for 20+ newbies made sleeping on the ol’ air mattress at night
    the most anticipated experience of each day–or is that just the distorted reflections of an older, wiser man?. . .


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