An Enchanting Evening

Last evening we watched the moonrise over Mt. Rainier. I kept wondering where the moon was and we were watching the mountain bathed in majestic colors when it started to kind of glow on top. I couldn’t figure out what it was when Kevin jumps and shouts… “that’s the moon!”

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More Pictures… We couldn’t quit watching this magic!

Moonrise over Rainier150701-9 Moonrise over Rainier150701-10


9 thoughts on “An Enchanting Evening

    1. Thanks Kate! I want you to know you’ve inspired me! I used to watch Bob Ross on PBS and think, “I can do that” but then never really did it. But after meeting you I purchased a watercolor kit, a sketch pad and pen. The pen stymies me though. Which pen do you use that won’t run with the watercolors?


      1. Wow, thanks for letting me know, Sherlene! I’m glad you’re back to it. I’d suggest a Micron or Faber Castell Pitt. They are both a sort of felt tip disposable but are water proof. The come in a variety of widths or purchase a set of 4 or 5. I actually use a fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink which is waterproof. But those I have to mail order because they aren’t available in most local stores. Even JoAnn’s or Michael’s carries one or the other Micron or Pitt.

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