Pitt Passage, Eagle Island & Filucy Bay

Pitt Passage

We left Cutts Island around 1600 to catch the tide through Pitt Passage. It’s pretty narrow through here and at one point the depth below us was 12′. But it gave us confidence in our Skipper App and our own skills to navigate these kind of passages. The other thing we had to consider is the currents so we timed our navigation to go through at low ebb tide for the least amount of current. It all ended up being completely calm without excitement which is really what we wanted!

Eagle Island

Our destination was Eagle Island State Park, a marine park where we caught one of their 3 buoys and stayed for a night. The island is really tiny in comparison to the other islands in this region. A walk from end to end would take less then 15 minutes. We did find a rope swing we had a bit of fun taking pictures on. Kevin had to give me a leg up just to get up on it. The island itself has a picnic table on the east side with a fabulous view of Mt. Rainier. The trails are narrow with dense foliage on the margins. The one drawback for me was discovering Poison Oak. Both of us ended up with a rash of the nasty stuff a week and a half ago and I’m still finding new breakout spots on me so we must have the oils somewhere on our boat.

It is a pretty place with dramatic Madrone trees and dense brush cut-away for private trails and vistas. There is a rocky shoal on the western side of the west mooring buoys where it appears it’s home to lots of seals that come right up to observe your goings-on. Kevin dropped a line and caught a tiny Dungeness crab which bodes well for future crabbing potential.

Filucy Bay

Wednesday June 25th we moved to Filucy Bay, a private, calm water inlet ringed by huge homes. There is a marina here but we opted to anchor at the northwest end and spent a quiet and peaceful night. The one takeaway I had from here was a great “port-in-a-storm”. Everything I took a picture of was perfectly reflected in the still water of the bay and it offers protection from nearly all sides except the narrow opening on the east side.



4 thoughts on “Pitt Passage, Eagle Island & Filucy Bay

  1. We used to hang out in that neck of the woods a lot. Try to remember what u were wearing when u got into the poison oak. You need to wash it. Poison oak is as bad as lice…lol…..gotta clean everything. Love your pics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The bad thing about it is I didn’t even think about being in it so when the rash developed I had worn my shoes all over the cockpit and had worn the same clothes and sat on our cushions so who knows where all the oils might be. I’m still getting little spots of the rash so I’m not done cleaning yet. 😜


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