Six by 32

We weren’t sure how it was going to come together, but we just decided it would have to work. Three teenagers and three adults, sleeping, eating… living on our 32′ boat. Our neighbors, when we owned our home in Council Bluffs, Jodi and her twin boys and a good friend of theirs came for vacation. Due to bad weather in Chicago their flight was delayed by a day but we still crammed the most into it we could.

Our first day out we sailed to Gig Harbor. The boys rented kayaks and Jodi and I went shopping and out for Clam Chowder at The Tides, some of the best chowder ever!

The next morning, after a 2 hour motor back to Tyee, we packed up and headed for the hills… Mt Rainier National Park. Stunning! Simply stunning! It’s a sight not easily forgotten. We hiked up a short way to see beautiful falls and alpine meadows and flowers and of course, who can forget the backdrop of the huge snow-capped mountain behind all of this.

Friday after showers, we made a flying trip north to Seattle to see the Space Needle. I’ve been to the top a couple of times and seen the area when it was all green grass and parks. Now it’s so commercialized, it reminded me of being at Disneyland. Nevertheless, we all went to the top on over-priced tickets but were wow’d by the views of Seattle to the south and Lake Union and the Sound to the north and west.

It was great to spend time with Jodi and the kids, our well-loved neighbors. We have watched them grow up from babies so they are like our grandkids. We had a lot of fun and I don’t think anyone minded being stuffed in our little 32′ boat like sardines!


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